The People Who Will 'Tech Your Stress Away'

Karen Stafford

Head of Customer Support

Chief Organiser & Customer Champion. Not only does she ensure all customers are fully supported with their business requests; she actively keeps TMSA running smoothly making sure the Development, Technical and Customer Care Teams work together keeping the customer front and centre in all we do.

Tina O'Brien

WP Technician

Super Mum, Elite WP Technician and all round customer champion. Tina is a former solicitor who got fed up of the corporate rat race and all the politics that industry involves. She loves working on and fixing any WP related issues.


WP Development

There's nothing this man can't do when working in the WordPress environment! He's just like superman jumping tall buildings in a single bound.... or at least making WordPress work just the way we want it to!

Neil Stafford


Passionate about online business, problem solver, service driven and customer focused. Obsessed about marketing and growing a company that helps it's customers get the result they are looking for.

Pete Moore


With over 15 Years experience and working on over 2000 WordPress websites. Head of the Technical and Development Team, his all round focus is removing our customers tech stress and that we are delivering on what we promise, every time.

Stephen Saha

Tech Design Consultant

Neil has worked with Stephen since 2007 and uses his services for design and tech design work; he is the first port of call recommendation for all our clients.

Your Stress Free WordPress Website Support and Maintenance Company

Who The Heck Are Tech My Stress Away?

You can read how TMSA started and the story behind the business HERE. The short story is this... Our Founder (Neil Stafford) made his first online sale back in May 1998. Since then he's started, developed and sold businesses in different markets online. In each business he's used many different freelancers and agencies. Some good, some bad and some downright awful.

TMSA has been built around one CENTRAL focus... to be the best technical support for individual entrepreneurs, businesses, agencies or any organizations with a WordPress Website or who have clients with WordPress Websites that need technical support. Our customers pay one monthly plan with everything taken care of. No hourly billing, no fixed contracts and all work done on time and when we say it will be done.

What Do We Do?

We give you unlimited edits to your WordPress Website (on Gold & Platinum Care Plans), take care of Site Speed and Performance enhancements, Daily Security Scans and trouble shooting, Website Health Checks and Site Monitoring so you don't have to! This leaves you free to focus on your super power and what you're great at – running your business (Or taking time off if you prefer!)

The TMSA Mission

This is simple. In everything we do a question is asked. “How does this help our customers?” Our aim is to help our customers and partners with their WordPress Websites and be the most trusted provider of this service in our space; using clear offers, transparent pricing and an obsessive focus on customer help and support . We know we're not perfect and have adopted the Japanese process of Kaizen which means continuous improvement across ALL of our business.

The Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking

The whole team at TMSA approaches the business like an entrepreneur. Each team member takes responsibility to make decisions that help the customer. If they don't know the answer to something, they find out and take action when it's needed to get the task at hand done.

Purpose Driven Businesses

We see business as a self fulfilling circle. Yes, we want a highly successful business. The only way we can achieve that is by striving to be the best in what we do for our customers. If there's a secret (that's not to secret) to the success here at TMSA, it's that we don't look inward at what we want; we focus outward on what our customers want to achieve ... and then work our butts off to help them reach it.

Do What We Say And Deliver It On Time

We hate flaky freelancers and faceless companies as much as you do. At TMSA you'll have one point of contact for any work you need; you'll receive a confirmation when the task has been started and completed. This means you're not left wondering IF your request arrived and IF anyone is working on it for you. Plus, with the weekly reports you'll know exactly what's been undertaken on your site that week.

Help & Support Available 24/7/365

We provide world class support from a world class team, working around the world for you. It doesn't matter if it's 3am in the morning, 11pm at night or 2pm in the afternoon where you are. If there's an unexpected error on your site we'll be there to fix it for you.

Business Focused (Your Secret Weapon)

The whole team at TMSA are focused on removing all the technical headaches and stress you may face running a WordPress website leaving you free to concentrate on your business. A benefit our customers also take advantage of is the 20+ years experience we have marketing and selling online in various markets.

Neil Stafford (TMSA Founder) shares his vast unique knowledge of online marketing in his own businesses, as well as his work coaching and consulting with online business in over 120 different markets. With combined online sales (his and clients) of over $150 million he has a unique insight into what works best and shares that insight with TMSA customers.

Success, Passion and Quality As A Standard

The Founders of TMSA have run web businesses in various niche markets and understand that having a reliable and trusted technical partner not only gives you confidence and peace it of mind, it gives you a distinct advantage over your competition. The only way TMSA can succeed is if you succeed and grow in your business. Our sole aim is to give you unrivalled help and support for your web business.

If something needs editing, updating and/or fixed on your website, we do it, plain and simple. The whole team, no matter where in the world they are based, know to go above and beyond for our customers. This isn't an expectation, it's the norm. What this means is through the working practice of Kaizen (Japanese for continuous improvement) we see massive improvements to our customers websites that translates to greater success for them.

When people want Technical Help & Support for their online business we want their first thought to be...

"I want the help of Tech My Stress Away"