Frequently Asked Questions

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​​​​OK, Do You REALLY Offer Unlimited Site Edits?

​​​​What Do You Include In Your Unlimited Edits and What's Not Included?

​​​​I've Researched A LOT About WordPress Maintenance Firms, Why Should I Work With You?

​​​​What Type of Security Do You Provide For My Site?

​​​​My Website Has Been Hacked, Can You Fix It?

​​​​What Happens If I have 2 or More Sites That I Want You To Look After?

​​​​Do You Host My Site/Do I have To Move My Hosting?

​​​​What Are Your Working Hours?

​​​​What Are Your Usual Response Times?

​​​​Why Are Plugin and Theme Updates Run Weekly And Not On A Daily Basis?

​​​​How Do I Get Started So You Can 'Tech My Stress Away'!?

​​​​How Do I Submit The Site Edits I Want You To Do

​​​​Do You Offer Phone Support?

​​​​What Counts As Advanced Functionality That Requires The Platinum Plan?

​​​​Do You Support WordPress Multisite?

​​​​Do You Support eCommerce Sites?

​​​​Do You Support Membership Sites/Plugins?

​​​​Does Signing Up Lock Me Into A Contract?

​​​​Are You GDPR Compliant?

​​​​What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

​​​​I Need Custom Work On My Site Can You Do That?

​​​​Can You Help Me Implement Marketing Funnels & Campaigns On My Site?