Our Story

The Co-Founder of Tech My stress Away, Neil Stafford, started selling online back in May 1998 with his first online sale being for an oil painting!

Neil has started, grown and sold a number of online businesses and now specialises in the Information Marketing or ‘infoPreneur’ space with his own business and working with his consulting and mentoring clients.

When originally building his businesses Neil soon realised that doing ALL the technical aspects of the business himself wasn’t feasible.

Not only was he running out of time, he only had enough ‘tech’ knowledge to be (in his words) dangerous.

As websites changed, and with the introduction of WordPress, maintaining your website also changed. WordPress has made it so much easier to create a site; HOWEVER this also meant that a WordPress site requires continuous maintenance and monitoring due to the constant updates, security improvements and general site work.

Neil realised he needed expert help and support to look after his websites leaving him free to focus on growing his businesses free from any tech related headaches!

After trying and using a LOT of different outsourcing companies and freelancers he came to the conclusion that most (not all) of these types of businesses were focused on the sale, and not on fulfillment or delivering on what they promised.

Neil was very prepared to pay a premium for the work he needed doing if it guaranteed it would be done to a high standard, on time and as he wanted it doing.

In September 2008 Neil took the plunge and hired his first employee (Pete Moore) to look after all of his tech work in the businesses he ran.

This wasn’t a decision he took lightly and gave Pete SEVERAL tasks to complete before he offered him a full time role.

Pete continues to provide the technical back bone and support to the business and has worked with all the major platforms, software and tech solutions within the Online Marketing space.

A WordPress wizard who has worked on over 2000 WP sites (a conservative estimate) he also oversees the demands of a fast growing business as well as working closely with Neil’s private clients; helping them with their tech needs from implementation AND coaching them through any user needs that they have.

As Neil worked with his consulting and mentoring clients he heard more and more horror stories from his clients about how they had been let down by freelancers and agencies.

Neil and Pete decided enough was enough and created ‘Tech My Stress Away’ as a provider that focuses on working closely with preferred clients.

‘Tech My Stress Away’ takes away the ‘tech’ headaches most successful
and growing business/entrepreneurs face in their business.

The primary service offered is a Monthly WordPress Website Care Plan where they take care of all the monthly maintenance requirements and WordPress Website needs including unlimited website edits.

Tech My Stress Away has a 'Special Projects' section where specialised one time projects are carried out.

All their clients have complete peace of mind that their websites are working for them and not against them in their business.

Site Monitoring, Updates, Security, Speed and back ups plus other work is carried out on regular basis throughout the month on a weekly or daily schedule.

This work is detailed to clients via a personalised Weekly Report.

Their clients include Entrepreneurs, Solo Owner Managed Businesses, Info Marketers, Coaches, eCommerce Businesses, Consultants, Brick & Motor Businesses, Freelancers, Agencies, Non-Fiction Authors and Speakers to name a few.

However, with their expertise on, and with, a wide range of platforms, programs and services ‘Tech My Stress Away’ can provide a prestige service to online businesses and entrepreneurs.

Because of his own initial trials and tribulations with freelancers and outsourcing; AND from what Neil hears from his clients; he and Pete are laser focused on providing the highest service to their clients within ‘Tech My Stress Away’.

Tech My Stress Away is a prestige service for businesses who understand the value our service provides to their clients.

There are a LOT of freelancers, outsource companies and agencies who offer technical services and compete on price alone, however...

“You don’t know how expensive
cheap is until you try it”

Tech My Stress Away is a service that works closely with their clients which enables us to understand your business, your goals and your outcomes.

We don’t compete on price and never will. We are for businesses who want complete confidence in the people they rely on to help them focus on their core strengths and grow their business every single day.

To see if Tech My Stress Away is right for you or not, have a look around the site and then feel free to Book A Call and we’ll have an informal chat to see if we can help.